Our Winter Men's Shelter

                                            Hosted at 

Holy Apostles Catholic Church


       In the black of the night, in winter's cold sting, a group of broken men wait. It is nearly 8:30 PM. The white van should be approaching soon to rescue these tired, cold gentlemen from the battle of surviving on the streets here in our valley's snowy winter months.  Just before 9:00 PM the rescue van arrives to Holy Apostle's Catholic Church delivering the guests. Stopping by the storage shed, the men pickup their mattresses and wrestle them into the welcoming, warm church building where they will bunker down for the night. The gift of a hot shower, a night snack, sometimes a surprise of hot pizza, new wool socks, home baked bread and even toasty, warm coats from thoughtful and generous parish families are all appreciated greatly by these humbled men. Lights out by 10 PM, the men are very ready for a good night sleep. Alarm clocks ringing at 6 AM, the men pickup their sheets, blankets and pillows storing them away for the day back in the shed. A quick cup of coffee or hot chocolate, a doughnut & fresh fruit, the guests are then taken to The Lighthouse in Wenatchee where breakfast is served. They leave the church building by 6:45 AM off to try and survive another day of winter.

       The Winter Men's Shelter, hosted at Holy Apostle's Church started December 1, 2019. In the 2 weeks of serving the homeless men in our area, so far we have taken in and helped 48 guests in the first week and 75 guests in the second week. We have a core group of about 7 of the same gentlemen that come each night with a handful of new guests averaging 16 homeless men that receive a warm, safe bed for the night. In meeting these gentlemen, serving them and helping them they become friends. 

       We do know that God is protecting lives here through the shelter. One guest a few nights ago could not sleep due to the pain of his frost-bitten hands. He was shaking and in agony. One of our hosts who oversees the night drove the gentleman to the emergency room for help. The situation was severe. If he had been out on the streets that night, we do not know what the bitter cold would have brought for him? We have a wonderful God and His Grace is blessing our community. 

       St. Joseph, knocking on the doors of the Inns, was turned away... the Inn Keepers did not know they were turning Jesus, the Messiah, away. They did not recognize Him. But Fr Argemiro and Deacon Tom opened the doors of Holy Apostles Church wide for the Christ Child, for they did recognize  Jesus... found here in our new homeless friends.